Blogger good, journalist bad


Arguing that blogosphere is better than mainstream — or vice versa — according to tech writer Serene Luo, is pointless.

However, she had an interesting experience on this matter. (The Straits Times, September 5 2006). She has been trying to interviews bloggers for a story.

But only four out of 10 of them replied, and more often than not, their initial responsed were laced with suspicion.

Another blogger wrote to a more fampus peer to ask if I was for real.
I felt like I was at job interview.
But I can understand where they are coming from because the myth being perpetuated in online circle is “Blogger good, mainstream bad.”

Some blogs maybe inaccurate as well as some maintream media.

So whether someone is a blogger, journalist, both or neither, doesn’t matter. If he or she writes high-quality content, many readers will be highly apreciated. [A!]


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