Berlin Wall: The short story of the wall?


I was very excited visiting the Berlin Wall yesterday. The Berlin Wall was a physical barrier separating West and East Berlin until it was dismantled beginning in late 1989. The wall separated the city for 28 years and 1 day, from the day construction began on August 13, 1961.

However, not entire wall has been destroyed – when change is coming to the country nine years ago; in fact, a few sections are still standing – an 80-meter long.

No wonder we can see the graffiti written and drawn on the wall. For example, I read a graffito says: “Curriculum vitae 1961 – 1989: The Short Story of the Wall?” Other reads, “No more wars, no more walls” and “Dancing to Freedom“.

Personally, I think, it would be great if the German government and people keep the remained Wall as a compelling evidence to the country’s next generations.

Yeah. Just keep it as the history of future.


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