Apple’s secret sauce: Runs like a huge startup!


Gizmodo asks:

One of my favorite and most-used iPhone apps is Apple’s Remote app. It lets me remotely control iTunes, which is streaming to my living room stereo via an Airport Express. But why hasn’t it been updated in over 8 months?

Sachin, a good friend of the app’s coder, answers:

Yes, the Remote app is due for an update. But here’s why it hasn’t been updated: the person who wrote it is busy working on other things. Yes, the person, not the team (He’s a good friend of mine).

Apple doesn’t build large teams to work on every product they make. Instead, they hire very few, but very intelligent people who can work on different projects and move around as needed.

One day you might be working on the Remote app, and the next day you might get pulled on to another project that needs your help.

Lesson learned: You just need small teams to create great products!


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