Another consulting gig: mig33


Besides helping the Singapore-based video streaming company ViKi, I am now also assisting another interesting tech company [also based in Singapore, btw] as a consultant: mig33, a mobile social networking service.

The Jakarta Globe reports, Indonesia is now mig33’s largest market, accounting for over half of the service’s 47 million total users in 200 countries.  There are around 30 million mig33 users in  Indonesia now, according to CHIP Online.

They described themselves:

It was released in December of 2005 as the first global, mobile community, and has quickly spread around the world. Growing on the strength of user recommendations, and bringing the power of Internet to anyone with a mobile phone, more than 40 million users in over 200 countries have joined the mobile community. mig33 is estimated to be the most downloaded application for mobile phone worldwide.
How did we start … Drinking coffee

The concept for mig33 originated in a library coffee shop, as a way for teens to send text messages as much as they wanted, without the high costs of SMS, by using GPRS/data channel which commonly used to access the mobile Internet.

The company was founded on the belief that the rise of IP and wireless technologies would redefine the way people connect and build their relationships and communities. mig33 takes advantage of the shift in the telecommunications industry from managing and tariffing the network, to delivering customer services and value.

Today, mig33 has many additional features beyond just chat, and is a vibrant, mobile community that enables users to connect with friends, meet new people, exchange emoticon expressions, send virtual gifts, play games and have fun. It also connects members to other instant messengers like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and AOL. The service is available to any mobile phone user and is optimized to work with more than 2,000 handsets that include most Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry handsets.

I met mig33 CEO Steven Goh while having a coffee at Orchard Central on June, he revealed a plan to launch a sub-project under Mig33 –and asking me to play a role as a consultant. I can’t disclose any further details on this project right now, but basically this new service is targeting Indonesian market.

I have been working closely with Wish Ronquillo, Director of Content and Creative Factory and Kiki Rizki, the Jakarta-based country manager for the company since last month, in preparing concepts and plans for the project. Will keep you posted.


  1. Assww. Pak Budi apa kabar ? Saya sangat kagum pada blog Budi, entah bagaimana saya harus menguraikannya. Apa lagi bagi saya yang baru belajar blog alias kagak ngerti banyak…. itu tercermin dari blog yang saya buat.

    Tapi satu hal yang pasti saya selalu ingat dengan budi putra sahabatku.. semoga sukses selalu. Salam

  2. Pak Boy Yendra Tamin, kabar saya baik. Bagaimana kabar Padang? Terimakasih sudah bertandang ke blog ini.

    Keep in touch!

  3. wah.. dulu saya mig33, tapi sekarang udah gak, jadi pas ngliat postingan ini, sepintas langsung teringat dulu,hehehe.. hebat nih ma pak budi, bisa berhubungan ma orang2 seperti itu, hehehe.. Salam kenal ya pak :)

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