Android 4.4.1 brings better photos to Nexus 5


Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 12.00.15 PMNexus 5 signifies precision. It has come to mean precision after Android 4.4.1 has come into reckoning.  The intelligent yet simple design is breath-taking. The black and white combination is pleasing to the eye and its 5” display looks stunning in full HD.  It is everything one would expect it to be and more. The photo and video innovations enable you to capture photos in refreshingly new ways.

Corrected Vision

The phone came into the market with Google’s top gear hardware in it.  At the same time, it carries an affordable price tag. People anticipated a device that would be able to take true-to-nature photographs. The tagline promised the buyers that they could “capture the moments that matter.” The affordable package bears the fruits of Google’s diligent workmanship. The smartphone has optical image stabilization and the image quality is something that has not been achieved so far.

Google’s Remedy

There was a dampener in the earlier version.  The camera operated at a slow pace and the auto-focus was not stable and tended to wander. The exposures were not accurate; they were not spot-on many a time. Acutely aware of these drawbacks, Google has come up with updates and has honestly tried to overcome the maladies and make the camera experience an improved and agreeable proposition. Android 4.4.1 has made all the difference.

The Improvements

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 12.00.45 PM

The smartphone can now give a run for their money to other fast smartphones. Its speed has improved vastly; instantaneous photo-shoot is a matter of routine now. The auto focus locks on to its target very fast and its tendency to roam has been curbed. This improvement is complemented by active face-tracking. When you compare the pre-update Nexus 5, each of the improvement hits you in the face, not unpleasantly of course. Daylight camera speed has considerably gone up. Earlier, the starting up the apps and shooting a photo lasted 4.1 seconds. The new improvement has reduced the period to 3.5 seconds.

Sharper Pictures

A reduction of one second in shooting an HDR picture has also been noted by users. The HDR sports a progress monitor too. These faster speeds mean that the camera is bursting ISO, even in low light situations, a high value of up to 800.  Mobile photography is quicker now. Whether you are moving quickly or at a steady pace, the photos are clear. This is especially helpful in shooting kids or other fast moving objects when you, for want of other professional equipment, take recourse to shooting with your smartphone. The photos are displaying a brighter shade of colors and sharp contrast.

Thus, if you had been really looking to take beautifully designed web tutorials on your phone but did not want to spoil your experience due to graphic sharpness, you know what to do now. You can learn how to build a website or how to code an android app right from your smartphone, with the best visual experience as well.

Big League

When the ordinary cell phones and smartphones thereafter had come into the market, hardly would anyone have seriously considered them a replacement for the full-pledged cameras. The Android 4.4.1 enabled Nexus 5 might change that perception. That is how proficient the Nexus smartphone with camera is. With almost all the buyers going gaga over it, it is only a matter time that Nexus 5 breaks into big league.

Author bio: Joe Samuels was an art lover. He also pursued a course in art appreciation. But being an online addict like most people of our generation are, he wanted to understand how he could spread his knowledge on art using the digital platform. He took to learning SEO and digital marketing thus.

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