Amazon is all set to launch its first smartphone with HTC


amazon_by_shutterstock_90929048According to the latest news, it is said that Amazon will take the help of HTC to help in making its future devices. It is collaborating with HTC to produce a great range of the Android smartphones. According to an article in The Financial Times, it was said that three different types of smartphones are under the development process. It is also believed that one of these products is in the advanced stages of development process too.

The rumours of Amazon producing great smartphones are in the market for two years, the company was unable to launch the product this year, but it may launch it in the upcoming year. However neither Amazon nor HTC responded to this news in a positive manner. Though the Amazon’s chief of marketing, Ben Ho said that the company is always exploring the new opportunities.

The rumours also say that the company is working on a 3D interface of these mobile phones. It also says that the phone uses 4 cameras on the front interface to track all the movements. HTC is definitely the best choice for Amazon to go ahead with as it is a very responsible company as well as it produces best looking Android phones for sale these days. For HTC, this news could be an assurance ofmaking a comeback and get back to its old habits to ensure its survival.

The company has a very big brand name and it is familiar with building the hardware for other companies as well as other people. Before coming into the limelight, HTC was producingSmartphones for a wide variety of companies, while these companies branded these mobiles and sold them under their own name. There are various companies that did so and some of these companies are Qtek, O2, T- Mobile as well as i- mate. Recently, it also collaborated with Facebook with the first phone in the world with Facebook Home installed from the factory. Though the phone did not gain much popularity, HTC is still working with other companies to search success.

We, hope that the HTC- built Amazon phone that would be launched by both the companies in this year or the upcoming year to get success in the market and we also hope that it be filled with a huge variety of apps and software in addition to cheap cost.

About HTC

HTC was founded in the year 1997 in Taiwan and it started manufacturing devices as well as life designing. It manufactured various products like the mobile phones and the PDAs that were based on the Operating System of Microsoft Windows. The distributors of these mobile phones were the operators like Orange in UK. HTC is going through the crucial times especially after the launch of HTC One but the conditions might improve after this collaboration.

The entire agreement of collaboration is similar to the partnership of LG with the Google that resulted in the Nexus 4 and it might have continued over too, to release the Nexus 5.

Risks with the Google’s OHA

If the Taiwan manufacturer HTC worked with the Amazon to manufacture a forked version of the Google’s Android OPS on the mobile phone, then there are high chances that it would have to face expulsion from the OHA which is the short- handed abbreviation for the Open Handset Alliance. This alliance is a consortium of the cell phone makers as well as the networks and its stated purpose is to accelerate new innovations in the mobile phones and to provide the users a cheaper as well as better mobile phone experience.

HTC being part of the OHA, it gains free access to the Google’s Android Software. This would also mean that HTC can gain the certification of Google for its Android devices giving them the access to come preloaded with the Google play as well its rest 850,000 standard apps of Android. Along with this it also gives access to the Google’s Android app suite that includes Gmail, Calender, Chrome, Search and Maps.

Amazon “forked” the Android to manufacture the software that powers its kindle Fire tablets in the year 2012 so that they could access their own app store without disturbing the Google’s. However, the Kindle Fire range uses the Microsoft’s Bing as its search engine as well as Nokia maps and its silk browser too.

There was a previous attempt made by Acer, the member of OHA tried to produce a whole new smartphone that too with a completely different variant of Android that was produced by the China’s Alibaba. This resulted in a great clash with the Google and this further resulted the Acer pulling out its partnership with Alibaba.

The threat to be forced out of the OHA could be more severe for HTC as it is already running in heavy financial losses. It is losing its market to Samsung all most every- where in the world.

Who actually benefits from the deal?

The device is believed to be a high volume product which would probably give a boost to the financial conditions of these companies. This might sound a mutually beneficial partnership at the first glance. But it seems that HTC who is reportedly the first ever quarterly loss last quarter might get a significant boost to its financial conditions by collaborating with long lasting as well as well- known technology player named Amazon. The other aspect of the deal is that, HTC would provide Amazon a doorway into the market of smartphones that too with an established brand in this matter.

Though the HTC is running quite poor in its sales, but it is still a very good hardware manufacturer and its bets in producing high quality hardware. So, it is not that only the HTC is going to be profited from this partnership, Amazon too is going to eat the fruits as it would get a great chance to unlock the entry into the smartphones market with HTC’s help.

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