Al Gore joins Twitter!


Finally, Al Gore, the Nobel Prize and Academy Award-winning man has an official Twitter account — following his fellow Democrat Barack Obama!

Yes, you got it right: Al Gore is one of a few persons that I admired most.

I wrote about him in this blog a year ago:

He played a key role to promote the Internet super-highway in the earlier years of Internet. The former-Vice President of U.S., also an environmentalist, a documentary film-maker, and now I found another side of this gentleman: a gadget junkie!

And now, he is a Twitter user, too! (Is it really a real account? Yeah, at least Kevin Rose has confirmed about this). I just followed him, of course.

Hopefully Al Gore wants to follow his followers back and starting to engage in conversation. Without that, of course, his real Twitter account will be no more than just a fake account.

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