Al Gore goes Twitter: Better late than never


Finally, Al Gore, the Nobel Prize and Academy Award-winner, has an official Twitter account — following his fellow Democrat Barack Obama!

Al Gore is one of a few persons that I admired most.

He played a key role to promote the Internet super-highway in the earlier years of Internet. The former-Vice President of U.S., also an environmentalist, a documentary film-maker, and now I found another side of this gentleman: a gadget junkie!

And now, he is a Twitter user, too! (Is it really a real account? Yeah, at least Kevin Rose has confirmed about this). I just followed him, of course.

Hopefully Al Gore wants to follow his followers back and starting to engage the conversation. Just like blogging and other social networking tools, Twitter is a two-way conversation landscape.

Otherwise, his real account will mean nothing to us, to me. One-way Twitter communications is no more than just a pamphlet.

But I trust he won’t dissapoint us. Welcome to Twitter, Sir!

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