A struggling Indonesian female entrepreneur in Texas


Today’s Dispatch is not from Indonesia, but about an Indonesian female entrepreneur with a telco startup in Texas, US.

In several email correspondences, I was made aware that Irna Hutabarat is no ordinary woman, at least no ordinary Indonesian woman. Born in Padang, West Sumatra, and growing up in the States, she is now an American citizen, a part of the growing group of Indonesian Americans in the land of Uncle Sam. “Unfortunately Indonesia does not offer dual citizenships,” she said.

She is currently work as VP Corporate Development of damaka. This fast-growing communications and collaboration software company is revolutionizing the communications industry by developing a converged media and collaborative communications platform for IP-based networks for end users.

Hutabarat has over 10 years of experience in information technology, project management, sales and media.

Check-out my CNET Asia tech post on Irna Hutabarat’s profile.


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