A new approach on e-book reader


IT’S REALLY GLAD TO SEE that electronic book technology has became more sophisticated these days. There are a lot of innovations in term of  distribution channel and the e-book technology itself. Now, there’s a new approach to increase the quality of image displays with the e-book readers.

NEWSPAPERS and novels are moving briskly from paper to pixels, but textbooks have yet to find the perfect electronic home. They are readable on laptops and smartphones, but the displays can be eye-taxing. Even dedicated e-readers with their crisp printlike displays can’t handle textbook staples like color illustrations or the videos and Web-linked supplements publishers increasingly supply.

Now there is a new approach that may adapt well to textbook pages: two-screen e-book readers with a traditional e-paper display on one screen and a liquid-crystal display on the other to render graphics like science animations in color.

[via NYT]


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