A closer look at the ties between mobile gaming and social interaction


people_with_gadgetGone are the days when gamers enjoyed playing their favorite handheld console games just for the sake of a pastime activity or a simple means of diversion from a boring routine.

Today, the main purpose of phones for communication and tablet PCs has been overlapped all thanks to the evolution of the gaming experience. The difference between hardcore gamers and non-gamers have been blurred almost into nothing with the current advances in technology we have today.

Even game developers in their social media sites are taking advantage of the trend by using casino online promotions in their campaign. Traditional card players would be pleased to know that the online experience is very fast-paced and has a high instant gratification, such as games like online gambling blackjack, poker and baccarat give the player a chance to go head to head with a lot of similar-minded people all around the globe.

A gamer is defined by their unconventional cognitive and decision-making skills as also with card players. It is difficult to make a quick judgment on online games since they are basically timed, there is a risk factor attached in the game. Although this can be a training ground if you play for keeps in real life betting situations. Also, it is much rewarding to be the top ranking player in online games because your names (or initials) are posted for all players of that game to see.

The thrill of partaking in games of chance whenever you play Bodog blackjack, for instance, is a sign that even casual gamers can engage with skilled card players. The online realm is a terrific practice ground to test your Bodog blackjack strategy and compete anonymously without hesitation. The best online gambling sites are those that are both engaging and rewarding. These are among the reasons that people have aside from simply to enjoy playing and eventually (if one is lucky) win big in the process.

High accessibility makes handheld gaming a success. That is, even someone who is not into playing games even for recreation begins to spend time on apps and other phone functions with the help of an internet connection. This customization of mobile phones is the key to the future of our interpersonal dealings with others– how we project ourselves to others; how we interact; and how we ultimately define the world we are currently living in.

A mark of a good game is seen by the amount of its followers/players. As seen in this popular game on Facebook, one which got many phone users from all ages and walks of life to get hooked into. Even though it looks like a rehash of a previously made game, the playability is attached with the urging of fellow friends and whatever social media dictates. Also, it helps to offer incentives to players by having them post their achievements on their social media page or online. This is an indication of self-esteem that is found within the extended online community.

The Indonesian population playing game apps are actively participating along their friends. Oftentimes competing against each other, they create a regular levelling to increase their rankings among their peers.  Especially as the top ranking social media game is poker, much is expected for gamers to develop their skills online. Other categories that are famous too are puzzle games, wherein you can ask for help with fellow players whenever you are stuck in a game. This on the other hand is cooperative gaming.

Indeed, the growth and progress of both man and technology relies in the interaction built within the modern civilization structure. This is true even with the games we choose to play and with whom we decide to play with. May it be among our friends and family or even complete strangers, the possibilities are limitless. Expect that games would be more interactive even without direct contact with the ever-developing changes in our mobile phones. The only challenge facing society right now is the call for originality, spontaneity and creativity. Here is hoping that aspiring game developers acquire this mindset and give consumers the games that they truly deserve.


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