7 most expensive electronic gadgets of all time


In these modern times, people use a number of electronics and gadgets to help them meet their needs for convenience and better life. But sometimes, people just go overboard with their gadgets and makes it a luxury instead of a necessity. I’m talking about how people put something really expensive to an ordinary gadget which skyrocket its price. They put gold, diamonds, crystals and more. It’s insane but incredible at the same time! Bottom line is they want their gadgets to imply glamour and high status and they are willing to spend thousands or millions of dollars for it. Let’s take a glimpse into the high society as we bring you 7 of the most expensive electronics and gadgets we’ve found in our research. You’ll be surprise on how insanely high the prices can get. Read on.

Notebook/Laptop sleeve

A Dutch Company – CoverBee is selling the world’s most expensive notebook/laptop sleeve for $11 million. These sleeves are hand decorated with 8800 rare diamonds, natural black sable fur from Siberia and Swarovski crystals. Because of the diamonds, the sleeves have the ability to warm and protect your laptop from sub-zero temperatures. It took about 2 years to finish one laptop sleeve so stock is very limited and only for the really rich and famous own it.

Diamond iPhone 4

iphone_4_DRWe know that iPhone is the king of all smart phones right? People all over the world fall in line whenever there’s a new release and in just a few minutes, it can be sold out and thousands of people will already have it. You will not get a chance to standout. This maybe the reason why an unknown Australian elite order two copies of the world’s most expensive phone from Stuart Hughes – priced at $8million. The iPhone is made up of 500 diamonds weighing over 100 carats, the main button is a single very rare pink diamond, the back cover is gold and the apple logo is made up of 53 diamonds.

Television Supreme Rose

Stuart Hughes is involved again on making the world’s most expensive television which is the 55-inch PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition. The TV frame is a combination of 28kg of rose gold, 72 diamonds and amethyst. Only three of these TV were made and sold for the public for a whopping $2.3 million.

Headphones Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre are really expensive headphones costing around thousands of dollars depending on the artist that inspired the headphone. But the most expensive Beats by Dre headphone is the one that have been worn by the band LMFAO. With 114 carats diamonds all over it, these headphones are sold at $1million each.

Nintendo Wii Supreme

Are you a gamer? Then you should start saving now and try to get the limited edition Nintendo Wii Supreme for about $481,250. It’s made up of half kilo 22-carat gold and the front console buttons are decorated with 78 19.5 carat diamonds. It took six months for this to be made and totally should be in the collection of serious gamers around the world.

Magic Mushrooms USB

A Swiss jeweler, La Maison Shawish turn an ordinary flash drive into a luxury every woman would want as they launched a line of Magic Mushrooms USB made of jewelries. The collection’s added attraction is that it brings us back to our childhood days where the mushroom USB reminds us of the magical mushrooms in Alice in the Wonderland. The “cheapest” USB in the collection is about $25,000 and is covered in pink sapphires and the most expensive is at $40,000 and is covered by 9.18 carat emeralds.

Electronic Cigarettes

Ever heard of electronic cigarettes? The electric device that gives the same look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes without all the nasty chemicals traditional cigarettes have? Apparently, a Russian billionaire and his girlfriend liked E-cigarettes so much that he asked a UK based E-cig company to design and create the world’s most expensive E-cigarette, priced around $900,000. The creation is a masterpiece itself as it is made of over 246 diamonds, 100 Swarovski crystals and the tip of the E-cigarette is made up of six carat very rare diamonds. If only I’m rich, I would also want that E-cigarette as I’m an avid fan of these electronic devices. However, I’m not rich so I’ll just settle getting my E-cigarettes through Electronic cigarette coupons and discounts.

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