5 savvy ways to boost broadband speed


broadband_speed_shutterstock_71238205Does it take you forever to load a simple site? Did you ever fall asleep waiting for downloading a file to complete? If you’re already sick and tired at how slow your broadband speed is, there are five simple ways you can do to fire it up.

  1. Move the router to another location: Oftentimes, the unlimited broadband provider gets all the blame, but the problem may be in the wireless router. Take time to fiddle with your router to improve the signal it provides. For less than an hour, you can try moving the unit to a location that has no physical disruptions operating in the same range as your router. Transferring the router away from a cordless phone, microwave oven, or baby monitor can significantly enhance your broadband speed. A router located near shiny surfaces or solid walls can result to poor connection because the signal bounces off and gets weaker as it goes through walls and other blocking objects. The best thing to do is to either remove the walls or move the router where there are no shiny and compact barriers. Refer to the router’s manual to find instructions on how to troubleshoot problems involving broadband speed.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable: An Ethernet cable connects your device to a local area network. Plugging in an Ethernet cable enables your device to sidestep the wireless signal. By its very nature, wireless signal is poor. It gets slower when sharing using wi-fi networks. An Ethernet cable directly connected to a PC or router provides you with faster signal.
  3. Upgrade your broadband package: If you’re still using the same broadband package since time immemorial, it can be obsolete and inadequate now to cope with the emergence of web pages with high resolution. Consider how you’re using the Internet to ascertain if your broadband package is suited to your requirements. Inquire with your provider if you can upgrade your subscription package. Getting an accelerated package can cost you more or less than the price you pay for a sloth-like broadband speed.
  4. Monitor your Internet usage: The way you use the Internet greatly affects broadband speed. You’ll often find that your broadband gets slower and slower if you have the habit of downloading all the freebies from the Internet. Your provider may be regulating your usage based on the terms of your subscription policy. Finding it as the real cause, you can consider switching to another ISP with more agreeable fair use policy apt to your needs. Another factor may be your habit of using the Internet during peak hours when too many people in a local area are using the same ISP bandwidth at the same time. It’s also possible that your ISP has too many subscribers in your area which significantly slows down your broadband speed, creating bottlenecks in the bandwidth. You’ll get faster speed if you login at off-peak times when most people are snoring in their bed.
  5. Create a password: Set up an encryption on your hardware to prevent unauthorized sharing of your wireless internet connection. Leaving your wireless network without adequate encryption is like leaving your house open to burglars. Your slow broadband speed may be due to the unhampered access by freeloaders next door. Secure your connection and enjoy better broadband speed and hassle-free browsing.

— Yvonne Hart

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