5 reasons why cell phone recycling is important


cell_phone_recyclingNowadays, around 60% of individuals get a new cell phone every 18 to 24 months. Every time when they buy a new cell phone, the older phone, is usually dumped off regardless of its performing condition. Recycling of old phones is quite a good option and there exists many valid reasons for encouraging it. Due to these issues, there are some organizations such as Pacebutler which have taken steps to recycle old used cell phones. As per Pacebutler reviews, it is at the forefront of the cell phone recycling industry in America which purchases your used cell phone and recycles it. You can sell your cell phone online easily and help in conserving the environment.

For Conserving the Environment

Cell phones do not only contain the screen and electronic chips, they also contain toxic metals. When you admire the glossy finish, never forget the toxic materials in them. A few of the toxic materials in the cell phones are cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. When these materials are burnt, the environment is polluted. Even when these materials end up in the trash and are not burnt, they go deeper into the soil contaminating the landfill and the water sources. The metals like cadmium and lead are known for causing cancer in humans. When everyone gets a new cell phone every 18 months, then it is going to be a very serious issue as these toxic materials are piling up in an enormous amount and harming the environment at a faster rate.

For Bring down the Cost of New Devices

When you want to upgrade for the new technology, it is not necessary that your old cell phone has stopped working. You can always make your electronic devices last longer than usal but many people stop using the old cell phone even in a few months to keep pace with the fast moving technology. A new cell phone with higher camera pixels, or a new one that allows you to connect to the internet faster, or the one that has additional features are often chosen over the old cell phones. When you send your old cell phones for recycling, not only the harmful materials are treated, the perfectly working parts are used again. This means the cost of raw materials is brought down, as a result, the production costs are also lowered.

For Curbing the Mining Process

When the old phones are sent for recycling lots of other benefits, are also available. You can send your phone for recycling even if it is not working or even when it is damaged due to various reasons. Even the phone that is dropped in water or broken by your kids can be recycled. The materials that can be retrieved from the old cell phone can be reused. So, the option of cutting down the act of mining for obtaining metals for using in new cell phone devices becomes possible.

For Making your House Clutter Free and Earning some Cash

Most people do not get rid of the cell phone they had been using. Not many are ready to sell them off. This is because they do not know how to do it or they never feel the need of it. You can easily find a couple of cell phones lying around unused that eventually get piled up in the course of time. You can sell these cell phones through the online portals. This can fetch you some money instead of accumulating the clutter of used cell phones at your home.

For Becoming Generous

Many organizations are trying to get more money for various causes. If you cannot spare enough money to help them, you can donate your used cell phones to them that they can use it for communication. Furthermore, they know that the cell phones contain a little percentage of valuable metals like gold so they can knock the phone to retrieve metals and sell it off for the causes they support.

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  1. We have always donated our old phones. I couldn’t see holding onto them after they are replaced. I didn’t think about the fact that there was a mining process going on too.

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