Top 5 lessons from Lazada Indonesia


LazadaIndonesia_affiliate-programLazada Indonesia is an eCommerce site funded by German incubator Rocket Internet had been continuously growing and become the leading in B2C eCommerce within less than 24 months since they establish in 2012.

The company represented in Indonesia by PT. Ecart Services Indonesia and standing at the center of online shopping for computer and laptop, smartphone and tablet, consumer electronics, home appliances, beauty, health and fashion product. The growth also triggered by the rise of Internet penetration in Indonesia. There are now more than 63 million people online in Indonesia in 2013.

However, 5 reasons below are considered as a significant factor that contribute to Lazada Indonesia succeed so far.

1. Advance Online Marketing Strategy

The report from Google Trend showed that Lazada Indonesia has the largest interest in Google among its competitor, although Lazada Indonesia starts later than another competitor. Its online marketing strategy becomes one of critical success factors to achieve this success. Lazada Indonesia heavily invests in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media and Affiliate Program. Moreover, Lazada Indonesia well adapted to the local marketing language for every promotion and campaign, for instance in Ramadhan, Lebaran, etc.  Those activities boost impression and attract people to visit Lazada. In addition, Lazada also has mobile apps that aim to grab mobile consumer.

2. Finest Product with Best Price

One of people’s reasons for shopping online is to get product easily and get competitive price as possible as they can. In Lazada, they ensure all products carefully selected for the quality, originality and no compromise to offer the best price. Even, there is a low price guarantee that promise every product labeled best price is the cheapest in Indonesian market both offline and online stores. Thus, consumer no need to worry because they get the cheapest price or Lazada will pay the price difference if the consumer finds a cheaper product in another store.

3. First Class Logistics, Free Shipping and Complete Payment Method

In Lazada, they realize that the consumer is number one. Therefore, Magnus Ekbom Lazada Indonesia’s CEO sets priority for delivery of product to consumer should be on time provide hassle free shopping experience and complete payment method. Lazada has its own courier and large partnership courier network that able to cover many places and deliver on time. It’s supported by excellent order fulfillment since Lazada build a bigger warehouse to accommodate more inventory and accelerate order processing.

Thank’s to Lazada because they do not charge any shipping cost to consumer living in Java, Sumatera, Bali, even in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). Not quite up there, Lazada enables consumer to pay in any payment method including credit card, Bank transfer and Cash On Delivery as the most popular ones. In result, it leads consumers to make purchase decision.

4. Perfect CRM

Last but not least, attracting consumer and converting large sales is not enough. In order to create sustainable competitive advantage, Lazada retain their consumer in many ways like providing shopping voucher, email newsletter, affiliate program and offline activity such as blogger gathering. They also actively post article and information in their blog.

5. Community Engagement

Blogger is a vital partner for Lazada to build their online presence and increase brand equity. Lazada already conducted an event called Online Revolution that claimed as the biggest online festival in Indonesia. The event will be running on 11 November 2013 till 11 December 2013.

Author: Anis Thoha Manshur is an intern at Lazada Indonesia; student at Sampoerna School of Business (Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional); Rookie Digital Marketing –



  1. Only 1 year since establishment and already reach more than 63 million people online in Indonesia, such an excellence business strategy. Totally like your style of writing, very precise and clean. Good luck Anis!

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