3GWeek’s new theme launched!


Just want to share with all of you, my gadget blog, 3Gweek already launched its new design. Thanks to my colleague Jauhari who has created this theme, hopefully 3Gweek can serve Asia’s mobile news better. We also included a new feature called Tags Clouds in this new face.

From 3GWeek’s About page:

Despite keep monitoring and updating the global news on mobile phone, telco and wireless-related issues, but we are mostly writing on the Asia’s coverages.

As we are living in the Asia’s country, and understood the region’s market better, we hope you can get benefit to read and enjoy our daily updates.

And this is 3GWeek’s latest statistics:

Born in Januari 10, 2006, 3GWeek has gaining a pretty good attention by worldwide audience since then.

Today, this blog attracting about 400+ unique visitors (plus 100+ feedburner subscribers) with an estimation at 700+ pageviews every day (more than 21,000 pageviews per month).

Ah yes. Next month, from June 17-20, I will also make live report about CommunicAsia 2008 from Singapore Expo for 3GWeek readers. Enjoy!


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