24 local Groupons in Indonesia [and counting]!


Groupon (“group coupon”) is one of a few of game changers in this decade. This service is a deal-of-the-day website and has served 35 million registered users in more than 565 cities around the world. “Groupon brings buyers and sellers together in a fun and collaborative way that offers the consumer an unbeatable deal, and businesses a large number of new customers,” CrunchBase writes.

No wonder the trend of group buying sites or ‘local’ Groupons mushrooming everywhere, including in Indonesia – the most sexiest emerging market in the world. According to Natali Ardianto, one of prominent Indonesia startup players here, there are 24 local Groupons right now in the country!

Add keeps counting…


  1. wow this is a prove that group buying concept and busines is getting more and more famous in Indonesia. The acquisition of disdus done by groupon also strenghten the perception that group buying will be the next trend of indonesian online business

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