18 interesting firsts on the Internet


Just discovered an interesting list, 18 first different things on the Internet [brief] history, thanks to the TechReaders site!

  1. The First Email: Ray Tomlinson sent first email and also made use of @ symbol in email addresses in 1971.
  2. The First Ever Domain Name: “symbolics.com” registered by computer manufacturer Symbolics (now obsolete) on 15th March 1985.
  3. The First SPAM Email Ever: Gary Thuerk sent spam email messages to 393 people on ARPANET on 3rd May 1978.
  4. The First Ever Mobile Phone with Internet Access Facility: Nokia 9000 Communicator (launched in 1996, Finland).
  5. The First Ever Website: Info.cern.ch which was launched in late 1990.
  6. The First Ever E-Commerce Website and Transaction: NetMarket that claims to process first ever secure transaction on the web on August 11, 1994.
  7. The First Ever Online Bank: Stanford Federal Credit Union that provides Online Internet Banking services to all of its customers in October, 1994.
  8. The First Ever Search Engine: WebCrawler.com which was launched in 1994.
  9. The First Ever Blog: Justin Halls is considered the first blogger who started a web diary in 1994. [The term webblog was introduced in 1997 which later led to “blog” in 1999].
  10. The First Ever Podcast: Dave Winer added audio content into the RSS feeds on January 11, 2001.
  11. The First Item Ever Sold on eBay: A broken laser pointer worth $14.83.
  12. The First Book Ever Sold on Amazon: Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought by Douglas Hofstadter [1995].
  13. The first edit on Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder when doing a test edit with text “Hello, World!”
  14. The First Ever Video on YouTube: “Me at the Zoo” video put by the the cofounder of YouTube Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005.
  15. The First Ever Message on Twitter: It was a demonstration message with text “just setting up my twttr” by the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey on 21st March 2006.
  16. The First Ever Voice Chat Service: Rocket Messenger.
  17. The First Ever Website Hacked: Federal websites that included US Department of Justic, U.S. Air Force, CIA, and NASA in 1990.
  18. The First Ever Social Network Site: Friendster.com which was launched in 2002.


  1. nice information sir! I just begin my social network in friendster too that I know from here it was launched in 2002.

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