14 popular mobile-device email signatures


email_signatures_shutterstock_25173103It would seem today that entrance to the comedic stage is merely ownership of a smartphone. For you see, the mobile device email signature is now a platform for witticisms large and small, puns and parodies, and irony for everyone. If you aren’t expressing your deepest thoughts and most amusing musings via email signature line, what are you waiting for?

We all email and we all know how hard it can be to show personality, tone, and other subtleties via the typed word. Email can indeed be pretty dry stuff. A little bit of levity never hurt any email, now did it?

Signing Off

Apple started all this. Many users didn’t even realize that their phone was amending their email messages with a small line of text at the very end of each communique. Of course all the other brands of smartphones had to copy Apple’s success down to the smallest detail, so this quickly became the default setting for most mobile devices.

Run with It!

As with so much these days, something started innocuously, became ubiquitous, and then went viral in meme-form. There are many variations upon the established theme now. Here are 14 popular email signatures for mobile devices:

  1. “Sent from my iPhone.” The one that started them all. Apple unwittingly got things going with this default setting addendum to every email sent from their phones. Bragging? Brand extending? Non-consensual marketing?

  2. “Sent from my Droid.” Google’s Android getting in on the action. Monkey see, monkey do!

  3. “Dammit, Autocorrect!” This one is familiar to all iPhone users frustrated by their mobile devices’ strange insistence on spelling certain things in awkward and often very funny ways. Google it.

  4. “Sent by smoke signals.” Here comes the funny. With a historical, ironic Luddite edge!

  5. “Sent from my Commodore 64.” More of the funny, with a historical, ironic early adopter edge! So hipster. You had a computer before it was cool to have a computer. So so hipster.

  6. “Locally sourced and organically grown.” Food activism via email sig line – eureka! That oughta do the trick. Problem solved!

  7. “Sent from my shoe phone.” Go, go, Gadget Gadget! Some retro flair here, but still along the early adopter line.

  8. “Sent from my steam powered digital telegraph.” From an even earlier adopter, steampunk is all the rage! Get your goggles on!

  9. “Sent from my NSA Monitored Device.” Funny because it’s true! Sigh.

  10. “Sent from the iPhone you left in Starbucks.” Have you heard of apple picking? Google that too.

  11. “Sent from your iPhone. Yes, that’s right. Check your back pocket; I took your wallet, too.” Ouch.

  12. “Dictated to Siri.” Hands-free emailing is here. Don’t drive and sign. Not even once. No email is worth it.

  13. “Sent directly from my brain via nanotechnology.” Soon.

  14. “Sent from my iPhone 6.” Wait, what?!

Over, and Out!

Any of those appeal to you? There are a million more, plus what you can come up with yourself. Get creative and have fun with it!

Author: Brandi Blevins really enjoys Chatmasher.com because it’s so useful. She read about it once on an infographic designed by someone she doesn’t know.

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