10 unique features of e-commerce technology


shutterstock_116891290Today E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a buzz word around the world, especially in developing countries like India, China and Brazil – where internet and computer connection continue to grow at a pretty healthy rate. E-commerce definitely enjoys some unique features, which sets it apart from traditional retail business model; these unique features have also immensely helped in the growth of e commerce business around the world.

Given below are 10 unique features of ecommerce technology

  1. Breaks geographical barrier: Unlike traditional retail business, ecommerce is not bounded by geographical barriers. Today an e commerce company can easily sell its products to consumers residing in any part of the country.
  2. Saves precious time: Ecommerce helps in saving the most important thing in today’s modern world: ‘Time’. Consumers from the comfort of their home, office and even café can buy any product they wish to buy. Thanks to e commerce, consumers save lot of precious time that is otherwise wasted if they opt for traditional shopping.
  3. Accurate information: Today e commerce companies across the world are doling out product information’s that are accurate & to the point, which eventually helps consumers to make better buying decision. These information’s are free from all the inaccuracy & hidden facts that are very much used by traditional retail models as their selling strategy.  Besides, e commerce companies also provide accurate information to customers about billing payment & shipping.
  4. Ubiquity: Ubiquity means state of being everywhere at once. With unprecedented growth in the sales of tablets & smart phones, laptops and other internet related gadgets, e commerce companies literally follow their consumers wherever they go. E commerce shopping can be done even when consumer is walking or jogging.
  5. Impersonal interaction: Since e commerce technology completely depends on internet & web to reach to its customers, the interaction with consumers will always be impersonal in nature; as in it is not face-to-face interaction.
  6. Customers are truly king in the e commerce world: Today every month literally hundreds of e commerce companies are popping up in every corner of the world.  This intense among E commerce companies is only befitting customers, who today have more choices to choose from and discount vouchers to avail – for instance Littlewoods Voucher Codes.
  7. Power of accessibility: Since today e commerce is so easily accessible by the virtue of power of internet, consumers can buy anything & everything as and when they desire for. In fact a mere impulsive desire or slight craving for a product can lead to expensive shopping, this is all thanks to accessibility to shopping that is possible only via e commerce technology.
  8. Cuts supply chain: E commerce technology has immensely helped in cutting the cumbersome supply chain of wholesale & retail and also overreliance on sales force team. This only helps in reducing the cost of the product, which eventually benefits the customer.
  9. Ever changing nature of business: Since today technology is changing at lightening speed by every passing day, the nature of e commerce business will also change along with it. Who knows technology development in coming years will make e commerce more customer friendly, or there can be other fundamental changes to the e commerce business too.
  10. Technology can equally be barrier: Technology has helped e commerce companies to break geographical & other barriers. However overreliance on technology & complete absence of face to face interaction has created immense trust barrier between e commerce companies and customers. This is especially true in the case of conservative country like India where even today people don’t completely trust e commerce companies, especially when it comes to on line payment.

– A.M

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